SLS Opens, Shout Out to LV Union Construction Workers by jbizzl

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Special shout out to my boys Don, Mike, Mark, Alfredo,


 Kyle, Dave & Dave, Chris, Brad, Ozy, Bob, Jacob.


SLS opens in Las Vegas. Shout out to all the union


construction workers involved with this project


 #TheRaymondGroup had a special hand in this






SLS opens in Las Vegas. Shout out to all the union construction workers involved with this project. #TheRaymondGroup had a special hand in this masterpiece.

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Las Vegas Tapers Make Us All Look Good

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Taper in Las Vegas

Dan the Taper


Taper in Las Vegas

Dan the Taper. It ain’t as easy as it looks



Many people do not appreciate the value of a good taper. They can make even the worst drywall installation look like a masterpiece.
What is a taper? He’s a mud slinger. A drywall finisher. A putty man. A coater. A floater. A boater. (I just threw in the last one because it rhymed with floater.)
Their tools of the trade have interesting names. What’s it gonna be today? A banjo or a bazooka? “Hey, go grab a pan and knife.” What? Pan and knife? Do we get that from the kitchen or the toolbox? Are we cooking an omelet or taping a wall?
Tapers operate on many levels. Many levels of ‘finish’ that is. Level one. Level two, etc. They can smooth out a wall so flat that you might think it’s a pane of glass.
It’s not all glamour though. A messy job being a taper. They are the guys you see dressed in white. I guess they wear white so you don’t notice the dried taping mud all over their clothes. And if you have to work near a taper, watch for the mud!
This is a picture of a taper in its natural environment. It’s Dan the Man. Best taper in the land? Well, you’ll have to ask him. But if you ask me, he’s pretty good.



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JBizzL represents in #SLSLASVEGAS #SAHARAtoSLS Promo Video

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We Build Las Vegas with Raul A. @ the SLS by jbizzl

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Raul Building the SLS photo by jbizzl

Raul Building the SLS with the iconic Stratosphere in the background. photo by jbizzl

We Build Las Vegas with Raul A. at the SLS by jbizzl

The transformation taking place at the north end

of the strip is nothing short of amazing. Most of us thought that the Sahara was a prime candidate for the next implosion. It was not to be.

When we build Las Vegas, we do it in many different ways. One of the ways is a full scale remodel.  Just yesterday a “new” resort opened where the Barbary Coast used to be.  That one didn’t get blown up either. Now named the Cromwell

The SLS arises anew in the place of the Sahara. One of the We Build Las Vegas players is my man Raul A.  You see him in a shot overlooking the pool with the iconic Stratosphere in the background.  Raul is what we in the trade call a “skilled mechanic”.  He has been building Las Vegas as a carpenter/framer for seventeen years now and shows no signs of stopping.  A good mechanic is hard to find in this town, I can only hope to match his skills.

When you come to Las Vegas and see that fancy architecture, arches, domes, ellipses, barrel ceilings, serpentines and you say: how did they build that?  There is a good chance Raul did it.

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The Cromwell on the Way Up by jbizzl

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yany g gomez

Yany G. making it happen at The Cromwell.

yany g gomez

Great view of the Eiffel tower in Las Vegas



On the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Flamingo there is a great thing happening. The rebirth of and old icon. Many of us remember the place to be the Barbary Coast. That seems like a long time ago. I met Dennis Quaid on the casino floor back in the day. Many of you will remember the place to Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall. No longer.

The new joint will be The Cromwell. It will be opening soon.

For a transformation of this magnitude to take place, it takes hundreds of skilled craftsman. Some have many years of experience at their chosen trade, and others are just starting out. We get it done no matter what.

In the top photo you will see Yany G. working the framing on the DJ structure adjacent to the pool. I understand that this will be a world class pool that will attract thousands just for the sights. In another photo you will see the half-sized Eiffel Tower. Yeah, we did that too. When we build it in Las Vegas, we don’t mess around.


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Julian Jeffers making it happen. Photo by Julian Jeffers

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julian jeffers at the linq

Julian Jeffers making it happen. Photo by Julian Jeffers

Starbucks is something that everyone is familiar with across the country. Las Vegas is no different. The new Linq is nearing it’s completion and you will find another Starbucks among it’s offerings. When we build it in Las Vegas, that includes your beloved coffee stops as well. My friend Julian Jeffers is among the team of aces that get the job done in Las Vegas. Photo by Julian Jeffers

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Construction Safety: Training is Key by jbizzl

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photo by JBizzL

Pay attention while we hook her up!
A fall arrest training takes place at M Resort, Las Vegas. Employees of the Raymond Group pay close attention. Local 1977

Photo by jbizzl

 Working on a construction site requires attention

 to safety at all times.  You don’t have to

believe me, just look at the numbers.

Nearly 12 construction workers die every

day in the United States as a result

of an on-the-job accident. The numbers don’t lie.

The employees at the Raymond Group (one of premier themeing contractors in Las Vegas)  take safety very seriously.

Some years ago while building the M Resort, Las Vegas,

we took time out of the busy day to concentrate on

fall arrest training. Our safety officers Steve H. and

 Emmet S. oversaw the operation.

Key Points: 1. Wearing the harness properly.

2. Proper anchor point attachment (as in: it better be strong enough to save your a$$ if you fall).

Joann volunteered to participate in the demonstration. I’m sure that she

 wanted to learn something (or maybe just wanted the attention).

There was a very serious accident on this project just a few

months before I set foot onsite. Another reminder that

you can not take safety for granted.

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The JBizzL Logo

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The new JBizzL Logo

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Concrete at SLS Las Vegas by JBizzL

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photo by JBizzL

Proper Planning

Making Things Happen at the SLS Las Vegas

As the re-birth of an old casino takes shape,

it’s important to remember one thing: It

doesen’t happen over night.

In this photo it may seem that there are

a few guys standing around while one guy does

the work. That could not be further from the

truth. Proper planning always beats doing it

twice, any day of the week. My Hawaiian friend

Brian is getting down and dirty while the others

are discussing just how dirty he is going to get.

The bottom line: Do it once. Do it right.

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The Big Winner in Las Vegas

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gary wins

Gary wins the bigscreen

Safety is and should always be a big part of any construction company.
On the job there is danger in every action. There are hazards in every distraction.
At the end of every shift, there is a reward: Go home in one piece.
At a certain Las Vegas construction company there are other rewards.
Every year we have an end of year safety meeting. We hear the
usual stuff. Be safe. Work safe. Stay safe.
At the year end meeting there is a raffle. This year’s grand
prize was a 51″ Samsung LED HD flatscreen TV.
Gary was the big winner. Am I jealous? Maybe.
He deserves it as much as anyone else. Sure I wish the
TV went home with me. Congratulations Gary.
Maybe next year.

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